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The Fraud Files: What is Fraud on the Darknet?

DarkOwl is a 2021 OSMOSIScon sponsor. To learn more about DarkOwl, visit https://www.darkowl.com/. Due to the vast number of scams and scam-attempts that most of us encounter on a daily basis, today’s society has largely become desensitized to fraud as we understand it on the internet. However, very few understand how this criminal economy thrives […]

TikTok & Privacy: It’s Not Just About Mewing Kittens

By Trevor Morgan Designed for short video clips of content, TikTok is a new form of social media consumption that has taken the world by storm. This quickly growing China-based app has been at the forefront of smart-phone entertainment as of late, specifically during quarantine. If you’re a regular Hg follower on social media, you’re […]

Fraud in Mortgage Lending

By Trevor Morgan At the height of the housing crash and years to follow, the news was filled with horror stories about people trying to track down what company actually held their mortgage, banks overreporting stated income to bump up interest rates, and fraudulent “financial” companies scamming desperate homeowners facing foreclosure. Many lessons were learned, but that […]