Andrew Keith – 2021 OSMOSIS Speaker

In the practice of corporate investigations, Andrew discovered an unanticipated outlet for the tools he nurtured and relied on as a restless expatriate and journalist more than two decades ago. 221B Partners’ clients benefit from his tenacious curiosity hitched to his storytelling ability. He combines these with the professional and interpersonal improvisational skills, all of which were developed as he navigated the fluid and shifting social and economic landscape in Russia, where Andrew began his career.

Like many practitioners in the corporate investigations industry, which a former boss and mentor aptly characterized as a bit more art than science, Andrew started out in journalism. He worked, first as an intern and later as a bureau manager, in the back office of the editorial operations at Time magazine in Moscow, Russia and Chicago in 1990s. He transitioned from journalism to corporate investigations when he joined Kroll, where he met and shared an office with 221B Partners’ Jennifer Mackovjak.

You Have An Investigation To Conduct, But Can Only Use The Library

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