As a world-leading provider of cutting-edge digital intelligence solutions, we deliver the world’s foremost national security and law enforcement agencies with the capability to explore masses of digital data, gaining critical insights which are used to protect our communities.

Fivecast Onyx is a force multiplier.  It has power to seamlessly and rapidly increase vision of targets without needing skilled staff to carry the load.  Our powerful technology can link individuals, groups and behaviors from masses of unrelated data and deliver those findings in an easy to understand way.  Fivecast Onyx has the unique ability to monitor and interpret a range of multimedia data including image, text and video – the only tool of its kind to do so.  Furthermore, with the use of Artificial Intelligence, the capabilities of Fivecast Onyx increase over time.

Right now, we’re working alongside our Law Enforcement partners to combat gang violence, counter terrorism, identify far-right extremists, detect insider threats, counter narcotics, discover fraud, adjudicate visas and locate people trafficking.  Fivecast’s cutting-edge technology is shining a light into the darkest of places and helping the world’s protectors keep our communities safe.