An Excellent Export & Import Resource

By Trevor Morgan

Each year American companies, many small to medium sized, export over 2 trillion dollars of goods and services. As an investigator, you may be hired to conduct a foreign due diligence investigation. If so, the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) is an excellent resource. AAEI is a non-profit trade organization representing American companies for over 90 years. It is committed to helping its members comply with regulatory requirements and operating procedures—both foreign and domestic—and offers myriad tools and services to enhance international trade.

For investigators, the site contains a list of links including those to global or regional organizations, foreign governments, and trade references. Resources include new SOLAS regulations and resources, and essential library, FAQs, and a quirky Trade History section that includes three snippets about the compass, the Appian Way, and Hannibal.


Some links are valuable for research, while others are valuable for investigations such as the Exports and Controls list, directing you to the Bureau of Industry and Security by the U.S. Department of commerce, listing parties of concern including a denied/prohibited persons entity list.

Trevor is an investigative analyst at Hetherington Group, where he uses his open source research skills to extract data from social media accounts, conduct risk assessments, and monitor subjects for clients in pharma, tech, retail, and entertainment. He is a contributing writer to Hg’s Data2Know, Industry Undercover, and OSINT Slack channels. On his lunch break, he can be found outside playing frisbee with his four-legged colleagues.