Thursday Quick-hit Podcast: Justin Seitz

Introducing OSMOSIS Speaker Justin Seitz Get a sneak peak at the upcoming OSMOSIScon Globalcast session with Justin Seitz, co-founder Dark River Systems Inc., a Canadian security and intelligence company. This week, Justin sits down with PI Perspectives’ podcast host Matthew Spaier to discuss his upcoming conference session, NO-SINT: Capital Markets and the Future of Investigations. […]

Thursday Quick-hit Podcast: Brian Pate

Introducing OSMOSIS Speaker Brian Pate Get a sneak peak at the upcoming OSMOSIScon Globalcast session with Babel Street’s SVP Brian Pate! As a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and several advanced military courses, Brian Pate’s global cyberspace expertise will definitely be a highlight of the conference. This week, Brian sits down with […]

Thursday Quick-hit Podcast: Micah Hoffman

Introducing OSMOSIS Speaker Micah Hoffman Get a sneak peak at the upcoming OSMOSIScon Globalcast session with Micah Hoffman! Known to many as moderator of The OSINT Curious Project, Micah shares session tidbits with host Matthew Spaier on this new podcast episode of PI Perspectives. His topic for the conference is Revealing the Hidden Surface Web, […]

Cyber Investigations: Follow the Money

If you grew weary of the American presidential campaign of 2016, you’re in for a bumpy ride in 2020. From now until November, it will be hard to read any newspaper or watch a news program without hearing about the battle between Candidate X and Candidate Y. What does this mean for investigators? Unlike public funding […]

How to Track down Images & People with OSINT Tools

As OSINT investigators, we need to be aware of the hundreds of social media platforms connecting millions of users daily. Some platforms, such as Facebook, require a real-life person to be associated with a personal account. Others, such as Instagram and Twitter, can be created in minutes, and a user can hide behind a made-up handle like […]

Reviewing OSINT Tools for Deep Social Searches

New Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools pop up all the time. Keeping up with them is becoming a job in itself. Every research resource needs a regular review: Is it still offering up the best information for professional needs? This week, we briefly enter the world of Google to find a user’s nickname and then […]

How to Protect Your Client with Geofencing Tools

If you are still searching for an alternative to GeoFeedia and other geofencing tools, here are some alternative sites to use. MediaSonar and Echosec both offer geofencing and social media monitoring. Fully equipped with Twitter feeds and Instagram matches, these services provide excellent leads for investigators concerned with geographically sensitive areas.  Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, Echosec […]

Stolen Images Equals Stolen Brands

Brand Value Similar to a stolen name—and often more valuable—is your client’s image with an alternate name. What if I took the Ford image and made a fake account such as this: Looks exactly like it should, no? But notice the capital 0 (o) in FORD is actually a zero instead of an O. Name […]

Updating your OSINT & SOCMINT Toolbelt!

 “Social media monitoring is the activity of tracking social media channels. Organizations measure and use social media analytics tools to find out where are the discussions about them, their competition and other topics of interest. Social media monitoring includes measuring opinions and sentiment of groups and influencers. It includes historical data and other information. The […]

Opting to Protect Your Personal Information

Now into the second decade of this century, the risk of your personal information being hacked, stolen, and sold to the highest bidder is exponentially higher than it was 20 years ago. You may already have been notified by any number of corporate behemoths such as—Wawa, Yahoo, Marriott International, and First American Financial Corporation—informing you […]