Thank you for helping make the 6th Annual OSMOSIScon a fantastic and safe success! We couldn’t have done it without you. But we’re not done yet, continue to network, watch any sessions or Bits and Bytes videos you missed, connect with the sponsors or grab those slide decks you want to keep, all on the OSMOSIS Globalcast! The platform is still up and content will be active through to the end of 2020. If you didn’t participate in October, you can still register and catch everything – even the chat, the Q&A, the news feeds – it’s all still available!

  • OSMOSIScon Kicks Off Conference with NW3C Capture the Flag Contest:  Get in on the action with this exciting opening kickoff to OSMOSIScon 2020! Crafted by conference supporter National White Collar Crime Center, this unique Capture the Flag event fuels our competitive OSINT spirit. Leading up to the event, conference participants will enjoy a week of cyber hunting and open source drills in a quest to hoist up the victorious honor of being known the Winner amongst OSINT warriors. Join us on Sunday night to kick off the 6th Annual OSMOSIScon and celebrate our OSINT operatives, as they share the tactics and clues to each of our queries and reveal how the answers may have not been so open after all. Highlights of this live event include: NW3C talking all things OSINT, our challenges, the flag, and, of course, the announcement of our top three winners! Just think, it could be you! 

    • Prizes
      • 1st Place—2021 OCON Globalcast Registration ($999 value)
      • 2nd Place—$300 Amazon Gift Card
      • 3rd Place—$100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Immerse yourself in Engaging Workshops: Dive in, surf amongst peers, and gather the latest intel on OSINT and SOCMINT tools, techniques, and threats at OSMOSIScon virtual Globalcast 2020! Earn up to 16 Continuing Education Credits from a variety of professional associations, including ACFE, NASBA, DHS, LPF, SHRM, and ASIS.
    • Participate in live sessions from the safe comforts of home
    • Access recorded content post-conference
  • Explore the ExpoOn-point solution professionals offer virtual experiential learning on their latest products and services to enhance your research and investigations.
    • Enter virtual rooms to meet vendors and try out their products months in advance of the conference
    • Follow-up with vendors post-conference on the platform
  • Network Like Never Before: Engage in rich interactive experiences between attendees, presenters, and vendors.
    • Network and consult with some of the most recognized social media and open source experts across the globe on message boards, live forums, and private chats
    • Join an ongoing virtual community of like-minded professionals pre/post-conference to further our tradecraft
  • Attend the Virtual Awards Luncheon on October 13, as we recognize extraordinary OSINT work and innovations.
    • The OSMOSIS Institute Board of Advisors is pleased to announce the first annual recipients of the OSMOSIS Open Source Awards for the following categories:

       Open Source Intelligence Champion of the Year: Bellingcat Investigation Team

      Open Source Technology Innovation of the Year: Voyager Labs

      Open Source Diversity Trailblazer of the Year: Thomas Fogle, SafeAbroad

      Open Source Rising Star of the Year: Sofia Salazar, Junior at the University of New Haven

      Open Source Non-Profit of the Year: National White Collar Crime Center 

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  • Register for OSMOSIScon 2020 virtual Globalcast to join other OSINT & SOCMINT investigators in lively discussions about our tradecraft through December 31, 2020 for $999 (active LEO and association discounts available).


Learn more from OSMOSIS President Cynthia Hetherington, CEO of Hetherington group below!