Emmanuelle Welch, LPI

Hacking the Meet-up and Hook-up Apps

How to game the scene of hook-up and meet-up apps like Tinder, Grindr, OK cupid, Plenty Of Fish, Craigslist, and specialized sites (fetish and lifestyle forums…) to locate and investigate people.

Even if a professional investigator never works infidelity cases, knowing how to navigate the world of meet-up and hook-ups phone apps and websites can come in handy to perform a missing person locate, asset investigations, fraud and more. Most of the tips and tools can only be learned from experience. Using examples drawn from real-life cases, Welch will show you how to tailor a profile while staying anonymous, search apps and sites using tools and hacks and engage successfully.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the top hook-up and meet-up apps and websites and identity which ones are likely used by the target of your investigation.
  • Learn how to create an effective profile to search within each app
  • Learn which built-in features can be use to an investigator’s advantage to help locate a subject and how they can be hacked with the proper tool bag (reverse image search, location spoofing, algorithms…)
  • Get tips from professional investigators about the codes and slang words used within specific communities to screen profiles and engage more efficiently.