Andrew Fordred

Previously served as an intelligence officer for the Crime Intelligence Service of the South African Police for 9 years, Andrew completed his police career as an intelligence officer of the then newly established Organized Crime Intelligence Unit. After leaving the police service, he held a number of corporate positions in capacities such Risk Management, and later, forensic investigations. In 2007 he started his own business doing forensic investigations, intelligence, risk management consultancy, court testimony and litigation support. He completed a forensic investigation degree focusing on forensic intelligence with a qualitative case study of the Cali drug cartels. Currently he is providing due diligence and intelligence services to clients with emphasis on open source intelligence. A hacker at large, he provides investigation/research strategies with specialist software such as: Maltego (also authorized to provide training); Hunchly (was a beta tester on version 2); Automating OSINT (python) with Justin Seitz; Opensearch server; Kali Linux and others.

Dirty Business: exposing them with a little help from some friends