A Three-Day Summit with North America’s Best Social Media Investigative Trainers

Join your colleagues at the OSMOSIS conference. Developed by OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigators for the legal, law enforcement, investigative, business and accounting community, the OSMOSIS summit will bring you the most cutting-edge methodologies and power techniques to get actionable search results right from the comfort of your own computer.

The OSMOSIS conference brings together some of North America’s most recognized social media and open source investigative trainers into one valuable educational experience. This gathering of experts will offer non-stop training on the latest cellular and desktop social media investigations, open source searching, asset research, and borderless possibilities on the international front, plus the legal implications of this. All while remaining discreet and protecting your own identity.

Industry vendors will be joining us, as well – vendors who are focused on the needs of open source investigators, demonstrating the latest in online geo-fencing software, public record sources, private company data, plus management and collection software.

With the potential to earn 20 C.E.U. credits at OSMOSIS, come join us. You will learn cutting-edge methodologies and power techniques to get actionable and verifiable results in nearly any type of investigation.

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